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Precision Heli-Arc Welding and Fabricating
Stainless Steel - Aluminum
Welding & Fabrication Materials
Microweld Co., Inc.
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Custom Metal Fabrication Materials

Microweld Co., Inc. Welding and Fabrication is experienced in manufacturing custom parts and products from all kinds of metal including stainless steel, aluminum, steel, titanium, copper, bronze, tool steels, brass and magnesium. In addition, we have the flexibility to handle jobs for the manufacturing of small parts or components.

 Custom Metal Fabrication Materials

Industries Served

Aluminum Automotive
Brass Aviation
Bronze Food Processing
Copper Furniture
Magnesium Laboratories
Mild Steel Marine
Stainless Steel Medical Equipment
Titanium Research & Development
Tool Steels Restaurant
  Vending Machines
Web Hosting Companies